Well you know when it's goes boom and your scare and your the unique and you protect everyone that can live before, after, even. Then you use your power and tell everyone if need power here i just gave it to you, look at the angry i do and all red hear Don't stop running, Then you see a girl That she does the Ghetto worlds and an others girl and say your chick, Then they ask for Rpg and you say it's to dangerous for everyone and you try making some and you don't know your doing it. Then you say Let's do all the worlds you can think and they see that it's start. Then you see a big boom the ask the unique couple to go the the left and the right and then it's start by going the slide and see someone making snowboard and you say hey is doing snowboards. Then you keep going and you have true and you start by falling into your home at 3 years old someone say it's not fair and you see someone at shcool, go around and put your and in piss. Then you see your parent and they say don't that and they put you into the bath and you tell you twin and you ask her if she want some soap in to the ___. Tehn your sister ask if you want to go to her friends house say ok go to the street and see anuf, now your at there friends house and see there leg say in your head i can't see look at the park go back home get yeall at the say i did not want you to bring him with you and say go to bed and ran and went in under the bed look at what i need to do and think going into the bed and to into your bed look at the window and think i hope trhe the witch don't go trow my window know reason imaging the witch the and look at the star close and just go to sleep. Then you Then you go into the closet in the basement, into the pool room and you look at thing and hear your name tree time Mathieu Mathieu Mathieu, Hear your mom calling Mathieu you go look into the corridor and say mom did you call me you hear nothing. Then you see a new friends you don't like him but he ask if you want to touch pinis toghether and you do it in the Tool corner. Then you go to shcool and you at premary shcool and eat and teacher said go to your cabinet and you see a sticker of grape you go back home and you wait a liitle then you go with your mom home. it's your brother birthday and is sitthing on the sofa and you see is____. You go yark and he as gift you ask him if you can play with it and he say no. Your like fuck you your stupid. Go out site watch them play and i ask if i can play and he say ok. Trow the ball to me and i trow the ball and get stock in the pine tree to far up to get. Then you go to primary shcool. walk to shcool try playing in your head and hear something and say fuck you, see ciment wet and step into it. go to shcool and into the class you see ciment on the carpet and the teacher ask gently who got ciment on there shoes, i say it's not me she say let look at your shoes and find out it was me you play pating a friend say i got a spider man tea-shirt and you say i got one to, go home, then you see the fisrt friends again and ask again and you do it. Go to the park and see a girl crying and you just say in your head are you alright. Go play jump down the 3,5 meter tall tower made in wood all pak is made of wood and land in sand. To have a fight of sand get sand in your eyes and go home take some lens liquid and put into your eyes and clean the sand out, go back keep going the sand fight get sand again in your eyes and get it with the swing go to the HOSPITAL, get 15 stich, go back home a piture with your have fun get it. gross, then you go play in your room that your brother is in the same room, is playing with soldier toys truck and ask him if i can play but is say no and say i don't want to play with this ever. he get out of the room and you go play with is toys fire a Mesille and loss it and you invincible so you just say fuck and run from the room like nothing apenned, then you go to shcool and you. Go to 1 grade.