Qedal, As we say this is me, i Know i see lots of thing but thing is what we know, Your click where it's blue and it's interprete as NoNoquadilion.

It's mean maitre of god. May i say : Maitre mean Master. I could be your trainer's witch belong to the saquira. Producer, May i evolute that this is the way that i may chose to go, once inside you will understand that it is made of power, king, all people, unique and is all mine. This part come from the

interpretation me and myself, did you know the middle of the univers must be sad all alone as unique and it's is all is people that can live before, after and between. Yes in did we already know is name. If i may we will go all along the path of the next length of this web interractive site. This is mabe of something, may be made of something that we call length, this length is all the thing you may imagine from me. I could be like know from all over the univers and be your individuel king of Condro. May i say this place is made of snake, rats, mange, and may i see how you see so i can see just like you Mrs Invincible. No i am not joking this is mabe from top to bottom, it's is like the self control of all your émotion to me or against me. Not a problem im unique and invinsible. May i also say as i am converting you into this deep nesthole, it's may seen that you feel like ok for éternity (Try thinking what it says or try loving me).Now we all know the true meaning of what i am capaple from the worst to all the worlds you can think and the ghetto of course who could forget the Ghettto i could not forget about this one. It's all about what are may be what mabe. Some or like this some or visible but where is Mathieu Of course we all know is unique ahahahah that right i belong to everyone. But what is better than the story of what we are already, This i as may say because i am the king and it's is my people. There is nothing more that what we can want by doing it. Try sometime to come visite us, we know wee so love you all and i a may say it's is said like this : May i plz what and autoresponse from are nisely (Minidrono)projector. Come and see the me unique fisrt, is he not like a baby, yeh yeh he does look like that ♪(▼Zelda)and he also as the look of everyone. It's may be more experience that you think about, this is the most amaze to do thing i have really Wo! That's for the first time i, sage, i may be interresting but wait this, think of me or love me just for a sec and right after, try everything we did from the start. That how i feel all the time(tridonito), you know i did not make that éternity with the first one for just knowing that we are safe. Don't you feel protected, that was i should say it's is all my people from one country to and others. Im mabe of this 100% perfect satisfaction of protection from everyone, to Learning that what we do for éternity feel right with out the situation goes Alice in Wonderlands(You could). You may also Try some i do, i do it all by my self, that will make some punch?! back in your live and i welcome you to come see the moment i could make you have fun all by entertaining (tridono) your self why you look or maby play Tridoonodiaire. The show we all been waiting for the full place, the toys we like best me. I as welcome you more in the domain that as should call (thceehc entertaiment system). This words mean the toys i talk about what you feel is what im really am (Midiotrono). You may find it amuzing but we would rather keep it a secret. Every girls would want to keep that secret for them self. It will protect you, guys no more a guys would say a thing you don't like. Like i said this is the best. I hope you you will like, not. (from all story that we know that we know it's the true)