Well well well that what is is the complicated it's not tuff you know there some of everything the tuna, the salt, futur of everything, the complicated, the knowing i don't know, so we begging by the complicated, it's easy a lot, We start with the slack it's complicated but it's hard, we understand that everything is controled by hard and will finishit complely, so it's not complicated , it's nature, you understand there the the becoming and the homework, well it's not complicated, Well so where not complicated, There of everything well him he exist well is like im everything, well him he understand well so there some thing that belong to me like it's all my people, there the King and there me, im the King and he understand, he treats me like im he's son, i treats him like is my dad, well it's not true we got to understand that where the same. well the from the most small to the biggest, you know it's understand like me im i guys that think just of that, there the mom i like them very much and i think there a really pretty like Queen, well what i like about that is that there somme kids that live with them the Queen and the King, well i say im am the king, well i think we think to much because i say there are my people and i know there not stupid, Well i understand that yes seen that they are like that so they got everything, Me to know what whe do so i say it's ok not so bad for an original that is king Yes i live with with king i say i act like a king then i notice understoud that you understand me you understand me it's funny i din't undersatnd nothing to that story im still in we learn and that what we want all, so the i don't want to make baby born that the story of that we don't want kids everyone is like that that like like that for éternity,Well i so thought that we live into the ghetto for éternity, well i did everything everyone ask so it's chill, so that they don't comme bother me, the rubbish we don't like, So i say we listen more, You know the king did everything that we all did in éternity so it's ok the thing we did, because a King need to know who is people are and he knowthat is people are not stupid, so he know that we love cartoon who that we like to draw, have fun and he know that will never do are rubbish the people and e piss off someone Like who does not this, We see the true and that what whe will do, so will do what we want if necessary like living for éternity and the King does what everyone does, He even did all your personality andd will do party for éternity that will be in it with everyone and will go live for éternity. So we did party for éternity and will keep on going that, Will never stop. So the King says do what you do know in the true.