When you see a others thing it's come to you ,know you you got thing to do and thing you don't do but thing come like that you know everything well everything come with what you want and thing happen like that and everytime you do something i find thing in one like one way or the others, everything come with it and everything is mabe of it and more more i look i see thing that make me say i like you everytime you see the way you want thing with it, everytime you something it's make you feel the way and you go to it you need to follow that. Everytime it's the same every night we go everywhere and you see everything the right moment and everytime you go you feel the way that i make you feel and you see everywhere it's the same everything is Fun. Then you start seing thing that make want to do thing, everytime the way is always there you see you make me feel way! not able to think of my thing. Mathieu Gagné.