Thing are made like this belong to us, and thing are made from us, in perhaps thing belong to me to and they belong in my hand that the point. That thing is mine and belong to me in advertising, i may say there is subtitle that is in my hand that give me thing i want and the thing are made from me from a point to an others, those thing may or may not be to you, but it's is a perhaps of doing thing the way you want. Those thing belong also in my and from a point that i make the thing that belong to me into my situation of making it the way you want because it's is the point of doing thing i would let's you with anything but of course you got your own and it's the point of making thing the way you want like all of it. That is the situation that im in. At that point of saying it's belong to me i say everything may and will be in my hand if choice is accepted. That mean that the thing i belong is made from the point of saying i may belong to me may you can have it, that mean that the thing i create are made from something that i belong that you may belong is the situation im in. The thing are and can be to you, yes it is. But saying where fighting to have thing make no sence, so in my position of own i say you may have your thing and i may have my thing but let's not be to conplex about doing thing if someone already have it, i don't want to share my thing but because you have your own and all we made belong to the person that made it. Fun !!